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Nikola Chardonnens

Interface between research, business and society

With our transformation projects, we're showing by way of example which solutions exist for pressing social issues and which steps are necessary to implement and establish those solutions. Put simply, it is about the stage of the project in which the research and then the transfer between research, business and society takes place. We'd like to address all the different stakeholders in the region. We invite you to work with us on solutions for the future of the Lower Rhine.

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Hydrogen in the Lower Rhine region

The Hydrogen on the Lower Rhine project has the goal of helping to kick-start the hydrogen economy in the Lower Rhine region and build networks. And rightly so, as it’s considered to be the energy storage system of the future and plays a key role in our energy transition.

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Innovation Management

Strong together for the Lower Rhine: In this transformation project we’re initiating events, campaigns and social projects that actively involve citizens, associations, etc. and open our university to society.

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Digital showroom “Assistance and participation”

The team led by Prof Dr Ing Christian Ressel, Professor for Ambient Intelligent Systems, is currently developing a digital showroom, i.e. a virtual environment in which assistance systems can be experienced. Assistance systems like these have one goal: to enable these people to participate in all aspects of life – in their own homes, in their leisure time and at work.

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Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences has numerous well-equipped laboratories with a wide range of capabilities from 3D printing and virtual reality to robotics. The LabLandscapes team works to connect these labs – within the university and beyond.

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Agroforestry Living Laboratory

The region’s agricultural expertise is vast. Why not use this wealth of knowledge to shape the agriculture of the future? In addition, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences has a unique infrastructure as a real laboratory including a tropical greenhouse with teaching and show gardens. This is where the threads of the Agroforestry Living Laboratory come together.

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Network Agribusiness Lower Rhine

Agrobusiness Niederrhein e. V. is a network for everyone involved in the agricultural value chain. Regina Bach is the interface between the HSRW team and her colleagues at the association's headquarters in Straelen. The aim is to establish close links between representatives of the green sector and the university.

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Faculty of the future

The "One Mission" combines teaching, research and knowledge transfer. Norbert Reintjes supports the implementation and mediates between students and companies in the region.

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