Competence building


The sustainable design of processes in companies, organizations and within society requires applicable knowledge. This is where the competence hub comes into play: it collects the knowledge gained from TransRegINT, processes it and makes it available - on current topics from politics, society and business. In the form of lecture series, training courses, simulation exercises and workshops, skills are specifically developed among various stakeholders.

For example, how will we work or live on the Lower Rhine in the future? The questions on the agenda are many and varied. Accordingly, the formats are developed in line with demand. Topics are also set and knowledge is shared via (social) media. One goal is to bundle capacities in a center for transformation expertise. The aim is to offer further training courses for various target groups.


Using scientific findings

In the Competence Hub, we connect actors from the overall TransRegINT project and the Faculty of Society and Economics at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences with Dean Prof. Dr. Ralf Klapdor, Prof. Dr. Ingrid Jungwirth, Prof. Dr. Oliver Serfling, Dr. Jakob Lempp, Coordinator Dr. Vanessa Meinen and four other employees who research and work on transformative topics. A fellowship program makes it possible to incorporate the expertise of external scientists. Students also get involved.


Strengthening networks in the Lower Rhine region

Various target groups from science, business and society can network with the support of the Competence Hub. Regional cooperation partners from politics, business, administration and adult education are actively involved. The sustainable transformation is being driven forward together. In this way, the competence hub deepens and institutionalizes existing networks. One of his central concerns is to bring together different interests and to promote a shared awareness of the sustainable transformation of the region and anchor it in society.


Team competence building

Dr. Vanessa Meinen

Hanna Berzau

Luisa Emelie Baumgart

Taisiya Lebedeva

Supervising professors

Prof. Dr. Ralf Klapdor

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Jungwirth

Prof. Dr. Jakob Lempp

Prof. Dr. Oliver Serfling

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