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“One Mission” combines teaching, research and knowledge transfer

The “One Mission” is at the centre of this transformation project. This involves combining the university missions of teaching, research and knowledge transfer at the Faculty of Technology and Bionics. New concepts are being developed, implemented and established to create a lively, interdisciplinary link between teaching, research and transfer.

Norbert Reintjes is the interface between the faculty, in particular students, and external stakeholders from industry, associations, politics and society.

Realisation of practical technical projects

One focus of the project is cooperation with companies and organisations in the Lower Rhine region: We network companies and students for this purpose. To realise a project, we first identify the technical challenges on site at the company and help to find the right project framework. We identify specialist professors and interested students in order to then support the project at an organisational level.

A win-win situation for companies and students

The aim of the projects, internships and theses (Bachelor’s and Master’s) is, on the one hand, to integrate practical, technical issues with economic and social relevance into the education of students. On the other hand, we would like to show organisations from the Lower Rhine region the variety of subjects taught at the Faculty of Technology and Bionics: from mechanical engineering and materials science to mechatronics, electronics and bionics to industrial engineering. Companies benefit from the students’ fresh knowledge, new approaches and innovative solutions.

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